Marissa Shipman’s Journey to Cosmetics Success


A former Tulane University student who graduated with a major in theater, Marissa Shipman’s career began in New York. She worked in television production for 15 years before deciding the time was ripe for a change. She quit her job and ended her relationship with her boyfriend so she could move to San Francisco, California, with the goal of entering the cosmetics industry.

The path was not smooth. Marissa Shipman soon found that it would be a difficult path, as every major company she applied for turned her down, with many not even returning phone calls. Determined to succeed in the cosmetics industry, she founded theBalm Cosmetics after creating a lip balm based on formulas she had learned from studying 11 cosmetics books she ordered from

After securing distribution with Sephora, Marissa Shipman embarked on a path of expansion. theBalm Company now offers a range of 100 cruelty-free cosmetics products to over 100 countries from its headquarters in San Francisco.